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Why You Really Need To Look Into Her Eyes 

Lovers EyesHow many ties has this happened to you? You are on an incredible date and just having a wonderful time. The person you are with is listening to every word you have to say and you are sharing a lot of good laughs. You find a romantic restaurant and you notice while sitting face to face your date never meet your gaze. They may meet it for a moment or so, but then shift off to watch the waiter or look at their shoes. For many of us despite the rest of the date going perfectly, little to no eye contact is a deal breaker.

One might think that not having good eye contact has been something lost in the younger generation. It would make sense since they rarely lift their heads from texting. However, it is a problem that even older adults struggle with not only on dates but any type of social meeting. It is typically that men have more of an issue with eye contact on a date, than women do.

Being In Love Together

This is a shame as the more eye contact you can make with a woman the more appealing she will find you. It is your way of telling her you are an alpha male and not afraid to back down from anyone or anything. By looking each other in the eye it improves the quality of the conversation you are having and shows that you are truly interested in what each other has to say.

Why are our eyes so important and why must we have eye contact? Many people think that eye contact is over-rated. Eye contact is important because it lets someone know what we are really thinking. The eyes can never really lie about how we feel or what we want. Think of how many ‘eye’ expressions there are in life. There are bedroom eyes, evil eyes, shifty eyes and that overall glow when someone is truly happy in life.

If you are meeting someone for the first time, it is essential that you give them your 100% undivided attention and this includes meeting their eyes with yours. If you know you have a wandering eye and cannot hold eye contact for long it is a serious thing you need to work on. If you have been having trouble on dates or just relationship problems, this may be the reason why. So take the time to look deeply into the person sitting across from you on your next date and see what they are really telling you.