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How Much To Spend On A Date

How To Determine A Reasonable Date Cost

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There are many people who wonder about the amount of money they should spend on dates. While some feel like $100 is perfectly reasonable, others believe that it should be lower. Use the following advice to help you determine a decent price range.

Consider Previous Dates

If you have been on a date with someone a few times and you really want to pull out all the stops, it is okay to splurge a bit. This is particularly true if the other dates were modestly priced. For example, if you have only gone to a movie and grabbed a pizza a couple of times, paying a little more for a nicer dinner would be perfectly fine.

Think About Your Budget

There us nothing worse than taking money that should be spent on necessities and investing it into dates. You should always consider your financial standing when trying to determine how much to spend. If you are a successful CEO who makes money when they are sleeping, you can afford a far more expensive date than someone who works as a house cleaner.

Personality Matters

While some people are content with hanging out underneath the stars and having a few homemade sandwiches, others are more content when the dates are far ritzier. Consider the personality of the person you are dating and use this to determine a reasonable cost for a date.

Someone who is interested in the finer things in life may not want to go to a burger joint unless it’s a very up-market one. On the flip side, a basic person may not feel impressed if you take them to a wine bar that is snooty and ultra-expensive.

The Occasion Matters

Spending a bundle for each and every date is not doable for most people, so you should probably save that for a special occasion. An everyday date would be something like dinner and a movie, yet an anniversary date may include carriage rides and spa services, which would be considerably more. Keep this in mind when trying to determine a reasonable budget.

It is possible to spend $1 and have a great date, but it is not always realistic. If you are looking for the right price range your dates should fall in, this article should give you some ideas.